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The “Set of Settings” or “Save our Settings” (SOS) Project is the result of 1 year and over a thousand hours of research, data mining, compiling, preset creation, and more. I have analyzed over 6,030! unique channels/presets, from pro/paid, FAS/factory, and user/Axechange sources. I've been tracking the amp blocks ideal and "advanced" pages, cabs, drives, reverbs, delays, comps blocks, & more. I have also made over 80 free presets each featuring multiple amp, cab, and effects models, each demonstrating their averaged values.

After purchasing my FM3 and being a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of amps, cabs, & effects, I set out to gain a little inspiration/direction from the factory presets, pro/paid creators such as Austin Buddy, Fremen, Marco Fanton, & most importantly, YOU, to see how experienced vets were dialing in their presets. Just a gentle nudge in the right direction. Well, that escalated quickly and soon spun out of control, as I started tracking stats for almost all of the amp and effect models available in the FM3.

The "Sets of Settings" (SOS) are not answers; they are tools. The SOS will not tell us what the objective-irrefutable-perfect-most Dumble or Metal Zone toanz is. My hope is that they should provide us with some guidance, by drawing upon our collective experience, expertise, and preferences, to demonstrate general patterns/trends in how we collectively dial in our FAS gear.

The SOS Presets, aren't presets per se; rather they're "Ante-Presets", or templates. The SOS Presets are what comes before you create your own presets. All values offered here are merely suggestions; they are means and not necessarily ends in themselves. These values should point you in the right direction, but you will still have to mix and match the various values to sculpt your own tone!  

Each "Set" consists of various "Settings" made up from often dozens of unique channels/presets. All redundant rows of settings were deleted prior to sorting, aka hundreds of presets were lost, but this results in far more accurate data that isn't weighted in one source/creators’ direction.

The Sets have been sorted from low-high for each column. Therefore, the rows do not equal a single preset/channel derived from one pro/paid, factory, or user source; the settings have all been mixed together. No, row #32 isn't Austin Buddy's Peavey Bandit preset! You will have to buy his soon to be released "Sounds of 1980s Middle School Toanz Pakz".

I have tracked the Minimum, Maximum, Average, & Median values for each Set.  For each setting/column, we have 6-8 "Suggested Values" that should work for most users:

Minimum & Maximum = Usable extremes

Average & Median = Safe zone

Low 2/Low 1/High 1/High 2 = suggestions between the usable extremes and the safe zone

Most Sets have the following:
Low 2 Avg = lowest 25% of results
Low 1 Avg = lower 25-50% of results
High 1 Avg = Higher 50-75% of results
High 2 Avg = Highest 25% of Results

For Sets with less than 20 unique presets/channels, they feature:

Low Avg = Lower 50% of results

High Avg = Higher 50% of results

The rows are color coded along the numbered column on the left:

Low 2 Avg/Low Avg = Blue

Low 1 Avg = Dark Gray

High 1 Avg = Light Gray

High 2 Avg/High Avg = Red


Featured on the website is a small collection of Sets for select amp, cab, & effects models. These are meant to allow you to demo this data/approach to preset creation. If you're interested in obtaining the rest of the data, It will be available to purchase & download as spreadsheets. Additionally, I have included 12 free sample presets, featuring 48 amp models, with 2 presets from each of the six gain ranges/families (Low Gain 1, Mid Gain 2, etc.). Each of those presets will feature 4 of the most popular/definitive/unique amp models from that gain range, each amp model demonstrating it's overall average values.  These free preset samples should help you decide if you would like to explore this approach further and purchase & download the available data.

On top of those 12 free presets, there are an additional 90 SOS presets to purchase & download! These all consist of 2-4 amps from the same gain range/family, and each amp displays their averaged values.  If you choose to purchase and download the Set of Settings, these 90 presets will be templates to experiment with when dialing in your new tones.

I hope that y'all find the SOS Project to be interesting, resourceful, and most of all, inspiring. I hope that these efforts and consolidated data, which reflects the collective wisdom of hundreds of FAS users, will help guide us to tonal nirvana. 

May the chug be with you!


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