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The "Set of All Settings" (SOS) is an analysis of thousands of

presets from Line 6, Custom Tone, & Professional users! 


80+ FAS Axechange & 45+ Line 6 Custom Tone "SOS-Presets", each featuring 5-8 Snapshots!

This project consists of several Sets Of Settings (SOS), nearly one per amp model.  I wanted to uncover some good starting points for crafting my own tones, and got a bit carried away...The goal was to see how other Pro/Paid, FAS Factory, & Axechange users were setting up their amps & effects, not to copy their settings, but to see if any patterns emerged between the various parameter ranges.

The SOS presets, aren't presets per se; rather they're "Ante-Presets", meaning that they are what comes before you create your own presets.  All values offered here are merely suggestions; they are means and not necessarily ends in themselves.  These values should point you in the right direction, but you'll still have to mix and match the various values yourself to sculpt your own custom tone!  

Each SOS preset consists of 5-8 Snapshots:

1) L6 Default (default amp values)

2) L6 Factory (from the Factory 1 Setlist, generally from presets with the amps name in the title)

3) Average (average of all values)

4) Median (median of all values)

5) Popular 1 (#1 most popular values)

6) Popular 2 (#2 most popular values)

7) Popular 3 (#3 most popular values)

8) Popular 4 (#4 most popular values)


8) User 1/2 (L6 Default, with Channel Volume dropped to 3). This acts as a place holder, but can be where the user saves their own settings.

SOAS 2.0 update:

All SOAS2 Presets now include:

1) A looper at the front of the signal path.  This way you can record some simple riffs, loop them, and scroll through the SOAS Snapshots and edit your own settings.

2) A duplicate amp to create your own presets with! This amp is the same settings as the "Average" Snapshot.  You can easily toggle between the SOAS Snapshots and your own amp to hear the differences that your settings make! 

3) All Presets now also feature Dual Cabs with Cab & Mic choices, placements, & settings all resulting from the SOAS research method! There is a Gain Block that follows the Dual Cabs for Sum to Mono. Disable/delete this Gain Block if you are playing in Stereo.  

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