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sos: the set of settings project

The "Set of Settings" (SOS) Project is a statistical analysis of thousands of presets for the Fractal Audio™ Axe-FX 3™ & FM3™ and the Line 6™ Helix™ Family. These thousands of source presets were gathered from from FAS™/Line 6™ factory presets, Paid/Professional creators, & most importantly, from YOU on AxeChange & Custom Tone.  

This big data approach to preset creation for guitar digital modelers is the first of it's scale & possibly of it's kind.

The goal of the SOS Project is that by tracking the minimum, maximum, average, median values & more for each setting, providing users with 6-8 "suggested" or "usable" values, to act as starting points for dialing in their tone.

The SOS Project doesn't provide definitive answers for what is the perfect/best/ultimate setting. What the SOS approach does offer are suggested values that have a high probability of usefulness/applicability. The SOS Project provides means, not necessarily ends.

Fractal Audio™ Axe-FX 3™ & FM3™

All of the Sets & Settings displayed on the Website are available for FREE!

12 sample presets featuring 48 of the most popular amp models are available for FREE!

Available for purchase is 90 presets, the SOS' for 252 Amp models, All of the Cab Block Settings, all of the Drive models, and select Compressor, Delay, & Reverb models. 

Coming soon

Summer 2022: 280+ Presets, one for each amp model tracked in the SOS Project. These presets will each feature 1 amp model, 4 channels, with 1 channel being the average values, and the others consisting of SOS "suggested" values. Amp Blocks will also feature 4x scene controllers with different Drive + Master values.

Fall 2022: SOS' and Blocks for more Delays, Drives, Mods, Reverbs & more FX Models. 

Line 6 Helix™

All of the Line 6™ Helix™ Sets, Settings, and Presets that are featured on the website are available for FREE!

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