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2.70 IR Mix Info


The SOAS-Setlist features all 43 SOAS-Presets in two arrangements:

1) FS8 = "CAB/IR" = L6 Cab enabled

2) FS8 = "CAB/IR" = IR enabled (set to IR Slot #1. User can import their own IRs)

-The SOAS is an on going project. I intend to complete some amps with less presets & I would like to add any amps that are missing from the initial list.

-Some of the amp models still need more data to be considered statistically sound.  At minimum, I would like to have 12 unique presets per amp model (2 Line 6+10 Pro/Custom Tone). 

-For amp models featured in the right hand column, please feel free to email me any presets you may have.  Please identify them as either "Custom Tone" or "Pro" (no need to identify the source beyond that) and include all of the amp parameters as outlined in the charts on this site.  

-Please feel free to also send me any Modulation, Delay, Reverb, etc. settings.  I'll also take more Drive, Compressor, & EQ settings for any FX not already featured.  

-Please email any additional presets, questions, comments, corrections, etc to: Noobian_Prince's Email

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